High West

High West Distillery

Design, Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Illustration, Branding, Billboards, Print Design

High West Truck Landscape

fer whiskey lovin’ fools

High West made a name for itself with bold whiskey blends and a solid, no-frills foundation grounded in the spirit of The West. When it was time to expand into a broader national market, High West partnered with DIKO to guide their national launch. With a focus on strategy, targeting and branding, High West became known for honest, delicious, unexpected whiskeys all across the North, East, and South. And, of course, the West.

Tall-Bottled OOH@2x
Ten Gallon Stance
Whisky Ki-Yay
Cork before Bullet
HW OOH Double Rye Bandana
HW Painted Am Prairie Bandana
HW Campaign Graphics
HW Bottle Matches Front
HW Bottle Matches Inside
HW Coaster Scene
HW Necker Lrg
HW Recipe Cards