Shhift Orthodontics

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Shhift Poster Mockup

There's magic in the air

Shhift is a brand new way to straighten teeth. We started by naming Shhift (formerly Aerodentis) and then moved on to brand identity work. The strategy became so powerful that we are now working with Shhift on every facet of the business from industrial design to campaigns. The brand identity has truly become the genesis for each business decision.

Shhift Logo
Shhift Pamphlet
Shhift Typodont
Shhift Guy Playing Trumpet
Shhift Packaging
Shhift Icons Purple
Shhift iPad Home Screen
Shhift Icon Tote
Shhift Dark Posters
Shhift Letter Poster
Photo of Woman Sleeping
Shhift Letterhead
Shhift Brand Book Sleep Imgs
Shhift Brand Book Mouth Imgs
Shhift Brand Book Colors