Uncle Nicky's

Juniper Restaurant Group

Design, Illustration, Branding, Logo Design, Print Design

Uncle Nickys Coffee Pastries Lrg@2x

Porchetta that'll make you say uncle

A New York, Italian immigrant-inspired chain of cafés, Uncle Nicky’s offers strong drinks and interesting flavors with neighborhood attitude. It’s loud. Hands communicate generously. And they don’t serve anything precious. We created Uncle Nicky's full branding, point of sale, and general vibe.

UN Painted Logo
Uncle Nickys Sandwich Menu
Uncle Nickys Menu Photo
Uncle Nickys Hand Italian-Specialties bright
Crueller Sign
Uncle Nickys Crueller
Uncle Nickys 3-Pastry Cards
Uncle Nicky
Uncle Nickys Sign Day
UN Art Wall
Uncle Nickys Cocktail Menu
Hand Gestrue Grab and Go
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